Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tangle Refresher class

When we got back to Florida, I heard from a few people that they needed to have a Refresher class, to get back into the Zen of tangling. Some hadn't tangled for a few months, and some just wanted to learn some new tangles. 

We had a good turnout for the Tangle Refresher class on November 18! It was great to see friends from last year! 

Nine people took the class, and did a great job with new tangles, including Lynn Shelton Meades' Dew Drop enhancer. 
Here is the link to Lynn's tutorial for the dew drop: Dew Drops
(We all decided that we would need to practice this technique!)

The tangles that we worked on were: 
Tile 1~ Huggins, Puf, Buttercup, and Sand Swirl.
Tile 2 ~ Cubine, Cyme, Leaflet, and Tagh

from left to right: Susie, Jane, Diane, Steve, Bonni, MaryAnn, Angela, Glenna Jo, and myself.

Our class mosaic!