Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

We've been watching the weather "up North", and Colorado is having it's typical weather pattern of 70 degrees one day, and then 10" of snow the next day. Here in Florida, we've simply gone from wearing long sleeves to short sleeves. (I know . . . . "dirty job, but someone has to do it"!) To help bring spring in, here is a look back at a piece that I did waaaay back in 2012.

I also want to showcase some of the newest tanglers in the  Sarasota/Nokomis area, along with some of the classes that were held over the past few weeks!

 Great new tanglers as of February 27!

Happy tanglers!
Barb, Judy, Teresa, and Carlotta

Here is the "Tints on Tan: Seashells" class on March 1

John, Donna, Belinda, Lana, Joyce, Ginger, and Ellen

Our Introduction to Zentangle class on March 11:

Focused on tangling!

Here is the "smile, everyone!" photo!
I LOVE this!
Here is the "WOW! Zentangle is FUN!" photo!
Jenny, Kris, Laura, and Joan

Tints on Tan: Seashells class on March 12:

Setting up for class

. . . . . And now, for a little bling!! March 15. . . . .
                                      Zentangle Zen-Gems class!

Belinda, Lana, Ann, Peg, Ginger, and John

Introduction to Zentangle class at Sarasota Art & Frame!
New friends and tanglers (not in order!):
Annette, Barbara, Laura, Joyce, Judy, ad Swan