Thursday, April 30, 2015

Illuminated letter: the process of a Zentangle-inspired-art piece.

     Last Saturday, I had a wonderful time participating in an Illuminated Letter workshop at Sue Clark's house. (See her blog at: Seven of us created Zentangle-inspired-art pieces on Opus tiles, which are 10"x10". We all shared ideas and inspirations, and had a good start to our pieces. . . . . and a big "thanks" to Pat Mathes for pointing me in the direction of David Nicholl's tutorials on drawing Celtic knots!
After 5 hours, (which included a pot-luck lunch!) we took our tiles home to finish individually.

 I had SO much fun working on this piece, from finding the right letter form, to dividing the tile with strings, to playing with composition and tangles! The possibilities are truly endless!

      That being said, here are some photos to show you the process of this Opus tile:

ENJOY! .... and happy tangling!

Wonderful memories of teaching new tanglers in Florida!

We've packed up our things, and made our semi-yearly trek back to Colorado. I'm thinking of all of the wonderful people in Nokimis, Fl. who became 'new tanglers' when they took my 'Intro to Zentangle' classes. Everyone was wonderful, and it was a true joy to teach these students! Here are some of the photos of the last Intro classes that were taught. (Earlier classes were shown in previous posts!)
Annie, Bea, Gail, Laura, and Sherree!

Diane, Barb, Barb, Jane, Jan, Kathy!

Ginger, Rick, Vicky, Sue, and Jazz!

Sharon, Tracy, Lisa, Sue, Helen, Barb ....

....With new 'Tangle-ears"!!!

Spreading the word about Zentangle during the craft show at Royal Coachman!