Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New (and experienced) Tanglers in Wisconsin!

On Sunday, I taught a small class of 3, and had so much fun! The students were: my sister, Carol, a colleague of hers, David,  and my sweetheart, Tim. Needless to say, it was an interesting mix. Tim has tangled on and off ever since I started. Carol has seen my tangling, but had never learned about the background of the Zentangle process, and David was brand new to the whole thing!

Everyone did exceptionally well, and really understood the process behind Zentangle when the class was done. Carol was especially surprised at how one line (often the last step in a tangle) can make it change dramatically. Putting the final diagonal line in Cubine, for instance, suddenly makes it a 3-D image! They also loved the shading process, and how that makes the piece "come alive".

When we were done with the class, we looked at Carol's incredible macrame project that she had done. . . . .

. . .  and David's crochet work

Looking at these projects, I want to make tangles out of the beautiful patterns!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Teaching, Tangling, Traveling, Music, and Connecting . . . .lots of catching up!

TEACHING . . . .

In April, I attended the wonderful continuing education for CZT's: Tangle U. About 110 Certified Zentangle Teachers met for 4 days at this annual event. This year, it was in Naples, FL (next year will be Portland, OR).
I had the absolute pleasure of teaching a Digital Zentangle class on the first night! Here is the  lineup of the teachers:
Our group teacher shot!

 Over the next three days, I took classes: Pan Pastels (Melissa Hoopes), Shading in Color (Nysha Nelson), Gold Dip Pen~ A Touch of Midas (Sampan Agarwal), Flexagons as Reticula For Tangle Fragments,  Weeds and Reeds (Sharla Hicks),  The Tangled Orchid Garden (Cherryl Moote), and Matchmaking for Tangles (Lynn Meade).

Needless to say, it was inspiring, invigorating, and enlightening ~ as well as a great time to connect with old and new friends!  Here are some of the photos from the weekend.

It's a big family of CZT's!
Mary Jo Kehne

Marita Eng teaching Reticula and Symmetry

Mabel Yap

Cheryl Moote with the Tangled Garden

Karen Sandoval, Denise Rudd, Terri Oliver Young
Lynn Mead
Karen Izzi, Phylllis Terry
Nancy Roth
Elaine Huffman, Maria Vennekens, Patricia Dusty Darrah
Beate Winkler

Janet Burditt, Miriam Elizabeth, Lauryn Eldon, me, Beate Winkler, Randall Taylor-Craven
Tim and me - sunset by the beach!

In January I had the opportunity to teach a class for a home party in Sarasota.

Gail hosted a home party/class for three friends! They are wonderful tanglers!

I also taught a few "Introduction to Zentangle" classes to two friends here at the park:

Sue and Jackie definitely had the Zen going!

Sue and Jackie

Betty, Judy, Tutee, Ann, and Therese

Teaching at Sarasota Art and Frame:

In April, I taught the Zentangle process to a wonderful family who were having their annual reunion. (15 people!)  They really did a great job with the class!


TANGLING . . . . .

May came around, and my sister broke her ankle. I spent 2 weeks helping her out in Wisconsin . . . .  and (of course) had to tangle her cast!

 I've also been getting some "traditional" tangling in....


Tim and I have been gypsies in our motorhome this summer, traveling between Florida, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

In Berea, Kentucky I took a super class in acrylic painting from Jacqueline Sullivan (one of my favorite artists!)

MUSIC . . . .
Tim and I found a Celtic session every Thursday in Milwaukee, Wi. It's a group of talented and friendly, welcoming musicians!

Tim and I also had a chance to play a gig with our friend, Mike Thompson in Lexington, KY. 


One of the most incredible things about being a Certified Zentangle teacher is that you connect with wonderful people! I've had two FUN visits with my friend, Karen Sandoval as well as a surprise visit from Ginny Lockhart (both great friends and CZT's)!

A great afternoon playing with art, Zentangle, and paper folding!

Whew! We still have some adventures and travels coming up before we get home, but . . 
. . .In the Fall, look for classes, demonstrations, tangle-gatherings, etc!

More later, friends!