Saturday, May 30, 2020

A new Tangle: Heart-Bud

I love the curves and elegance of organic tangles! The fact that they're organic makes them very 'forgiving'; no two flowers are the same, and if one is a little "wonky", that just gives it character!  When creating a tangled garden, you can just let it "grow on it's own", with no preplanning. The end result is truly a surprise! Fescu has long been a favorite tangle as a light 'filler'. Heart-Bud grew out of two Fescus's mirroring each other, creating a heart shaped center.
I would love to see this tangle growing on your tile or in your Zentangle-inspired art!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Creativity Continued...

What a rollercoaster the last 3 months have been. We have been "socially distancing", staying home, and just going out for walks and exercise. The paradox has been the fact that I have felt even more connected with friends:  taking classes, workshops , and even doing a weekly happy hour (!) online. There learning curve in the technology department has been steep, to say the least. I've learned about connecting via Zoom, and have given my first 2 classes online! (More will be listed under the "Current Classes" tab of this blog!)

Here is a collection of some tiles that I've tangled recently. Some of them are the results of classes, and some are my own explorations.

I hope that you enjoy looking at these tiles. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

The first image is of a tiny book (2.5" x 2.5") that I created with a class from Seth Apter.

 The following are tiles that I tangled (with credits to the class or inspiration beneath each!)

Emiko Kaneko

Unity Tile:  Julie Alison and Romi Marks

Susan Moen

Terri Oliver Young

Holly Williams

Holly Atwater (Ha! Designs)

Anica Gabrovec (Zen Linea)