Monday, January 27, 2020

A great new tangling group in Nokomis!

"Welcome" to a new 'Introduction to Zentangle' class in Nokomis!

We had a great group of new tanglers today. Most were brand new to the Zentangle method, and everyone had a good time discovering what it's all about. It's so true that "Zentangle attracts the nicest people"!

Tangled Notan class in Sarasota

Exploring Notan!

On Monday, we had a Zentangle class on Zentangle-inspired art, using the Japanese technique of Notan.  Notan is a study of light and dark contrasts, as well as negative and positive space in a composition. A bit of history: It was used in Japanese art, and brought to Western art schools after 1854. It became popular when Arthur Wesley Dow included it in his book on art instruction in 1899. Notan reflects the idea that the elements of light and dark are equally important and need each other to exist.

Here are some photos of the class, which included experienced tanglers, as well as those more new to tangling. Everyone did a fantastic job!