Thursday, October 23, 2014

A new CZT! (As of this weekend)

Well, I'm starting to do a slow spin, anticipating  my upcoming trip to Providence, RI for the CZT seminar with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. I signed up a year ago, so I've had all this time to look forward to it, wonder what the weekend will hold, etc. One of the very best resources I've had is the book Zentangle  by Rick and Maria. Besides a wealth of information, stories, and descriptions of the birth of Zentangle, it's full of the most incredible samples of Maria's art as well as beautiful Zentangle samples by both Maria and Rick. Highly recommended to anyone interested in Zentangle!
     Last Sunday, I had lunch with Sue Clark (, Pat Mathes (, and Cj Peterson. Cj and Pat became CZT's in June, so they were able to give me some ideas before my trip.
   So, as you can see, I'm so excited to meet the founders of Zentangle in person, along with 100+ brand-new CZT's/friends!  I think it's going to be every bit as wonderful as I imagine!

.... And here's a sample of one of my recent ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) pieces: