Sunday, November 4, 2018

Retreat at the Beach, Then Zen Again!

November is not the best time to travel from warm sunny Florida to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, BUT. . . . That's where Retreat at the Beach and Zen Again were!

At these two different art retreats, I learned so much that I want to share. First was Retreat at the Beach, a fantastic workshop with Cheryl Moote in Falmouth, MA. We experimented with mark making, colors and paints, stamping, etc. In the end, it was all put together into a small book.

๐Ÿ’•Jennifer Cottrell and Dorian Eng ๐Ÿ’•

So much inspiration!

Mark making and color exploration!

The wonderful Cherryl Moote!

Jane MacKugler! ๐Ÿ˜

Immediately after Retreat at the Beach, 25 CZT's boarded the "big bus of fun", and went on to Providence, RI for ZenAgain with Rich Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of the Zentangle method. There, we joined 100 other CZT's for an inspiring 2 1/2 days of pure Zentangle!

Taking flight!
A photo op with Rick Roberts! Woo hoo!
Sowing the seeds of a Tangled Garden!

Sue Clark and myself! Sue was my
 first CZT teacher! (and now, great friend)!

Great friends!

The theme was "The Tangled Path", focusing on planting seeds of creativity, and blooming.

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Of course, we had to have a bingo night . . . . but with Rick
and Maria, it was full of tangling and laughing!

Hollibaugh technique used in a Zendala tile
inspired by the artist, Ernst Haeckel.
This is an example of Ernst Haeckel's
sea creature  illustrations.

Even more techniques were introduced, we had an evening of great dancing to Rick's rock band, time to visit with "old" friends and make new friends, and generally try to connect as much as possible with the other 110 CZT's. Whew!

Maria Thomas tangles on torn up sheets to use as napkins!
What a treasure!

The start of another napkin by Maria.

The final "icing on the cake" was having time to walk around Providence with my friend Randall Craven. We visited the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), which was wonderful!

More Dingbatz!

Randall and I went off a search
for Dingbatz!

A beautiful example of marginalia: decorating the margins of a manuscript.
Ilminated letter

Our final stop: a delightful Swedish cafe for hot cocolate!

Life imitates art!