Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Tangling Surface

I have seen people tangle on canvas shoes, tote bags, muslin, dishes, and almost anything that doesn't move! For some reason, it took me some time to get over my trepidation of putting pen to fabric. I know: silly! Then, one of my students Jan Hartlove (who became a dear friend), made this incredible tote bag for me, using only Sharpies, a bag from Michael's, and her own calligraphy magic. She even added blank "tile" spaces for me to tangle.

SO, when the Sarasota Surface Design Guild posted that they wanted members to bring in decorated work shirts or aprons, I decided to make the leap. 
For this project, I washed an apron bought at Hobby Lobby. While it was still wet, I did a watercolor wash. Then, ironed it dry, and used "Stained" fabric markers form Sharpie to draw the pen at the top, and to tangle the center and border. It was easier than I thought it would be!
I'm pretty happy with it, and am now searching the house for other surfaces to tangle!

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