Friday, February 22, 2019

Hooked on Embedded Letters!

Did I say that I was hooked on this process? It's so fun to do, and with a few simple steps, you end up with an ornate and (usually) elegant result.

I started with the letter outline. I planned for an open area on either side of the letter, so that I could add tangling "in front", Hollibaugh-style.

 Here is the letter, outlined in pen, with the open areas.

 Here are two completed tiles. After I did the "H", I tried a heart which was fun. Anything is possible to embed.... "one stroke at a time"! 😍

This could become an obsession! 


  1. These are beautiful! Glad to see you creating!

  2. I started one of these a couple of years ago and didn't finish it. Guess I need to create a new one. Thanks, Holly!