Thursday, January 7, 2016

A new year for tangling! Happy 2016!

Whew! The holidays are over! I hope everyone had a fantastic start to the new year, filled with peace, relaxation, and creativity!

Here at our park, the "summer camp for adults" is officially open. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching 12 new tanglers at Sarasota Art & Frame. (It was also the first time that I used a digital projector, and I think that it helped immensly!)



~Today, we had "Tangle Talk" at our park: an informal get-together of tanglers to share ideas and inspire each other. Today, we had 9 people show up: a lot of creative energy!

Tangling on seashells!


  1. So glad to see how many people you are getting for your classes there! What fun!

    1. Hey, Sue ~ Thanks! I got recharged over Christmas, and am "off and running" for January!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Pat! Thanks ~ The group is growing! Hurray! Happy New Year!