Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend tangling in Wyoming!

On September 26, we drove our RV up to visit Jana and Will, and their 2 daughters in Wyoming. I knew Will "way back" in the 1980's, along with his sister, Kathy. Jana (Will's wife) had recently taken an 'Intro to Zentangle' class from me in Fort Collins. SO, there was lots of great history and connections!
     What a great time! We talked about 'schooling at home' versus 'home schooling (two very distinct things!). We also attempted to watch the super moon, in between clouds. Kathy (Will's sister) came over to spend a great evening, sharing tunes and music.
 . . . . . And guess what?!? We also TANGLED! a LOT! Jana had taught their two daughters, Jolie and Samantha, about Zentangle after she took my class. They are natural tanglers!

Here are some photos of the evening:
Getting started . . . .

Jolie enjoyed Bijou

Samantha has a real knack for artful presentation and background!

Jana is a born tangler!
            Feeling the Zen!

Jolie tangled "Cyme" . . . . 
. . . .And then tangled a pumpkin!

Both Will and Tim tangled a tile, but also "talked pottery".

. . . . Our evening's mosaic.

As you might be able to tell, this was a special weekend with some great friends. Will and Jana just made us feel at home, and I loved getting to know Jolie and Samantha!

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