Friday, July 17, 2015

Zentangle community

 What is it about the Zentangle community/family that makes it so supportive?  The Zentangle process does attract people who are (for the most part) friendly, sharing, and caring. The whole method itself is based on mindfulness, relaxation, and appreciation. Tanglers focus on being in the moment, letting go of expected outcomes, and "expecting the unexpected". In Zentangle, "there are no mistakes"!
     The practice of Zentangle not only attracts people who understand the philosophy, but it is self-perpetuating. I've seen this happen at gatherings (from over 100 people at TangleU to 4 friends getting together at the coffeehouse to share Zentangle) as well as online.
     On Facebook, there are many groups who share Zentangle- and Zentangle-Inspired Art. The     comments and feedback are consistently helpful and supportive, no matter how new or experienced
    the person is. I've been inspired by other tanglers who share new tangles, give challenges, and     contribute new techniques.    
     That being said, here are a few new tiles of mine which are the results of this sharing community: new tangles, ideas, and techniques!

Shelly Beauchamp  brought us Mak-Rah-Mee (here is a link to her blog:
Jane Monk developed this curved variation of Hollibaugh  (

 . . . . and here is my first (finally!) post to The Diva's challenge, which is SO much fun to watch and be inspired by!
You can find Laura Harms, the Diva, at:
. . . . So, I hope this gives just a taste of how we all inspire and support each other in this Zentangle journey.

PS ~ I've also been having fun with apps and my tiles:

     Enjoy ~~ and happy tangling!

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