Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some musings from a new CZT

     WOW!  I had such a wonderful time at the CZT seminar in Providence, RI. The seminar was so beautifully planned and presented, and I'm still processing all of the wonderful energy, friendship, and ideas that made up the 4 days.

     I loved the technique of Zentangle before, but now I feel that I'm in the process of gaining a deeper understanding of it. I like to look at the different layers: the simple process of putting your pen to the paper, the act of focusing and being in the present, slowing down to "one stroke at a time" . . . . and the ways that this can apply to life in general! Rick and Maria emphasized the low-tech aspect of Zentangle. It's a reason to turn off the phone, computer, television, etc. along with all of the thoughts that race around our heads. It lets us be comfortable with silence, and "just be".

      Some people have confused Zentangle with doodling. Zentangle is done mindfully, with intention. Each stroke is deliberate in itself. The outcome is unknown (as in life!), and unplanned, but the end result of each tile is unique and beautiful.  
     Over the past three years of tangling, I've loved seeing and recognizing different styles of Zentangle artists. It's like personalities or handwriting. Even though similar tangles (patterns) might be used in separate pieces, the style of each person is uniqely individual.

     So . . . . that's just the tip of the iceberg but I'll stop for now, and show you some photos of the weekend!

THANK YOU, Rick and Maria!!
My new "best buddies", Diana Linsse and Leslie Joliet
Happy to see Judy Gucker again!
 . . .and then we got to sit with our other 'best buddy",  Sheryl Kaleo!
With Maria Thomas 
We were a little chilly, and Maria loaned us scarves!
Diana is the scarf fashionista, with Leslie.

"Rosemary is for rememberance" . . . 

 . . . . with Verdigoh
Diva-dancing around a Bijou tile!

A group mosaic
Bijou on my pumpkin!
We DID it! 

A very happy CZT!

Thanks for visiting!

     . . . . . and now, it's time to tangle!



  1. I am so happy for you! What a wonderful experience that you will treasure for a long time!!! Congrats!

    1. Sue ~ Thanks and hugs! I couldn't have a better teacher and "inspirer" than you, to start me on this journey! I appreciate our friendship so much!

  2. It was so amazing to meet you, Holly! Thank you for the beautiful reflection on CZT #16 and the awesome pictures! I hope we have a chance to chat more about Zentangle and hammered dulcimers!

    1. Rene~ it's so great to connect with you, too! I would love to carry on our conversation about music and tangling! Thanks for commenting here on my "brand-new" blog. :-)