Friday, July 29, 2016

New Celtic music album for Zentangle practice!

We are so excited to announce that we are starting to record an album of relaxing Celtic and original music which will be perfect for your Zentangle practice! This is going to be instrumental music on the hammered dulcimer, mandolin, and cello ~ focused on creating a soothing atmosphere for creative activities (think: Zentangle, yoga, etc!). To see our video describing our music, and to hear some of our music, click this link:  MINDFUL PASSAGE 
**Be sure to check out the perks that we're offering on Indiegogo, as "THANKS" for helping to support this project.

This is an image of the album cover, which is still a work in progress! If you peek inside the Celtic knot you'll find Margaret Bremner's tangle "Skye" as well as "Finery" in the leaves!


  1. Holly you may wish to check. I tried purchasing using PayPal and the form would not go to PayPal. I will try again later. Can't wait to get your album. For anyone else reading this, Holly and Tim are GREAT!

  2. Holly, I have tried multiple times to purchase your CD but the website just won't accept payment with PayPal or credit card. Is anyone else having this difficulty?

    1. Hey, Judith~ I just tried putting a payment through on my iPhone, and it went through with PayPal! I'm so frustrated that you're having a problem with it!! Have you tried using a different computer or iPad? If it still doesn't work, you could send me a check, and I'll put you in for the perk! 💖